Kern Family

We were blessed with some very amazing friendships while at ACU.  Mike and Jenny were two of our first "couple" friends our sophomore year in college and we spent many-o-date-nights together.  And a lot of meals in the Bean Sprout.  Too many to count, I'm pretty sure :)  We're so thankful that we ended up in the same city and still get to spend time with each others' families.  They're a blessing to say the least.

Enjoy my piece of meat and his family :)

I have to explain the photo below.  Mike was all ready to take the two girls down the slide with him but as he hit the incline, he stopped.  Apparently the slide isn't so slippery.  So Jenny said, "Well ACT like you're sliding!"  This was the face Mike came up with...I could not stop laughing.

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