Moss Family Friends {Dallas Family Photographer}

I love photographing friends.  There is something really special about capturing the personalities that I know and love in pictures.  We've known {and loved} the Moss's since before they were the Moss's.  Or even a couple.  And it's been fun watching them fall in love {we all saw it coming} and become parents!  There is so much love in this sweet family :)  Enjoy.

I especially love this one because Harper has always loved sticking her tongue out (even when she was itty bitty), which is one of my absolute favorite things about her :)

Hope you like them Moss family!


Laura said...

We do like them, Cass - in fact, we LOVE them! Your creative idea of us laying down with her in between worked out fabulously. :) I think it's my fave! We're both super happy; thanks again for everything!

Sherri said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL! What a great looking family!

Aimee said...

LOVE these!!! They are way too cute:)