Baby Makes Five {Frisco Family Photographer}

One of my absolute favorite things about photography is getting to interact with kids of all ages.  I love getting to know them and making them {hopefully} feel comfortable with me {who to them looks like a strange lady clicking away in their face}.  I also love watching the way they interact with their world...exploring, creating, climbing, jumping, racing, cuddling...and capturing it all with my camera.

This cutie little man almost had me.  He liked to act like he wasn't going to smile.  He pretended to be shy about working the camera.  He was {this} close to fooling me, too...but as I was looking over all of the images from the day, I kept seeing this amazingly beautiful smile popping up in all the pictures.   Nice try, little man!  But now I know better ;)  {And he completely won me over with 1) racing me up a hill and 2) his love for legos...I'm pretty sure we're friends now}

Sweet Pea and I were friends from the get-go.  This girl knows how to work the camera :)  She would pose herself in the CUTEST ways (like the little foot cross below), making my job very, very easy. 

And this one?  Oh, my, my.  Baby Love is the itty bitty of the family and has the most amazing head of hair!  {which, apparently, so did brother and sister!} What is it about newborns that just melt your heart to mush?

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why photography is my passion.  There is nothing more precious than a mommy's love for her babies and I love, love, love seeing that moment frozen forever.

And last but not least, the ridiculously cute couple that started this whole thing.  You two have a beautiful family and it was so fun to spend the morning with you and your kiddos :)
 Stay tuned for Baby Makes Five, Part Two: The Baby.  I got to capture some newborn shots for Baby Love in her nursery and around her home...I'll be posting those in the next day or two!

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angie said...

Cassie, I love these pictures! You did a great job. And, I love all of those babies...and their Mommy and Daddy!