What to Wear Wednesday--Tree Huggers

I have a {small} obsession with putting together the perfect outfits for photo shoots with my family.

As I've stalked different photography blogs, I've come across a growing trend in showcasing sample outfits to inspire clients as they're putting together their own family photo shoot attire.

My aforementioned obsession coupled with my love for online browsing has produced a new passtime for this already-too-busy momma.

Here is my first sample: Tree Huggers.  I think it shows that neutrals don't have to be bland and boring, nor does color have to be overpowering.  When thinking about what your family will wear, don't overly think the whole "matchy matchy" mantra.  Enjoy a little freedom with your colors.  They can coordinate nicely without matching. 

So my #1 rule for choosing your family attire: HAVE FUN!!

Each of these outfits were found at: Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and GapKids. 

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Aimee said...

Love it, ok next family pics I am going for this:)